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Saturday, August 9, 2008

InStep Rocket Bike Trailer and Stroller Combination

InStep 12-MK550 Rocket Aluminum Bicycle Trailer and Stroller features smooth-rolling, 20-inch stroller wheels and an easily assembled canopied trailer that folds compactly to fit into small spaces. Additionally, the included stroller conversion kit makes a quick and easy change from trailer to stroller. Features also include a lightweight aluminum frame that will accommodate up to two 50-pound children, a weather-proof transparent canopy, and roomy storage area behind the child seat. Assembled dimensions measure 56 by 32 by 34 inches and folded dimensions measures measure 35 by 33.5 by 10 inches.

What's in the Box?
Bicycle trailer and stroller and owner's manual.

Manufacturer's Warranty
One year limited warranty

Customer Review: Great for the value
I bought this to use as a stroller for two kids, and as a bike trailer in the summer. It is the middle of winter right now and my bike is in storage so I've only used this as a stroller so far. I put a 5 year old and a 1 year old in it (please note that even though I do it, I think the manufacturer reccomends that you do not use this product with very young children.) The kids enjoy having a broad range of view from inside with all the "windows" and they are comfortable riding in it. My one year old falls asleep in there and the five year old never complains. The InStep offers easy assembly, good sun and rain protection, and LOTS of pockets to store things. On the down side, when it is used as a stroller it is very difficult to navigate it over sidewalk curbs. I found that I had to look for the 'ramps' at crosswalks, and where there were none, I had to either REALLY struggle to get it up on the sidewalk or else just walk in the street. This is likely due to the design of it; it is really made to be a bike trailer (the stroller mode is an added convenience) and if you were towing this trailer, rather than pushing it as a stroller, you'd likely be staying on the roads rather than the sidewalks. All in all, I needed a good stroller/trailer combo that was priced right. I was satisfied with the quality and durability of the InStep when I got it. It looks like it will stand up to the use I will give it.

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